alignment. investment. impact.

alignment. investment. impact.

alignment. investment. impact.alignment. investment. impact.alignment. investment. impact.

Working together to create healthy, safe and vibrant communities across Delaware. 

Our Vision


  We envision healthy, safe and vibrant communities across Delaware, where every person has an equal opportunity for optimal health and well-being.  

Where and How We Work


 We work in partnership with Delaware communities experiencing inequities.  

We work on community-driven priorities around the social determinants of health—conditions into which we are born, grow, live, learn, work and play that affect our health. 

We use a collaborative, place-based approach with the goal of collective impact.  

Why is This Work Important?


  Every Delawarean should have the basics needed to live a healthy life – safe and healthy homes, a quality education, meaningful employment, a  healthy environment, access to healthy foods, financial stability, and reliable transportation. 

Yet far too many people are limited by where we live, the amount of money we make, or discrimination we face. 

Together, we can break down these barriers to give every Delawarean a fair and just opportunity to reach their full potential.